Why Choose Me?

Now, let me say firstly, quite a few couples ask for a deal on their wedding ceremony - probably one of the most important days in their lives, but I guess it’s just the times that we live in, and the Wal-Mart syndrome is affecting us all - except City Hall. 

St. Catharines and many other municipalities in Ontario charge about the same price as I do - $330.00 and they never discount. They spend little or no time on the ceremony and they provide a clerk to officiate, and  a  cold room with no atmosphere where it will take place. Ideal for a small elopement type ceremony which I can do at my home for about $250. A big plus  for you - I am HST exempt so 13% tax is not added to my fee!!

I, on the other hand, am fully licensed, trained, and appointed by Humanist Canada. I invite the couple to a meeting at my home where we get to know each other. I provide the couple with a 78 page binder that contains a whole variety of choices of ceremony components. They can either choose these or use what they learn to compose their own with unlimited help from me. I discourage my clients from choosing a rehearsal. No one should pay me for something they can do quite easily on their own. Only if it is a large wedding party and the couple insists because of pre-nuptial stress syndrome, do I suggest we have one. I also give a Wedding Gift in the form of Dinner and Show tickets for two at my theatre - Oh Canada Eh? which the couple may use, re-gift, or auction at a Stag and Doe. This has a value of about $150.00, almost half of what my standard fee costs. 

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